About Us

What opportunities, strategies, and competitive advantages could transform your business?

At Solomon Coyle, that’s the question we help contract furniture manufacturers and dealers answer—and then implement for the long run. Our team has 30 years of experience in the industry, steadily building the knowledge, data, and services to help organizations redefine how they go to market. Our best practices have stood the test of time and continue to evolve.

Our team is dependable and trusted. Collaboratively with our clients, we dig deep and find answers to challenges often unseen and difficult to solve. We treat our partners with the utmost confidentiality, and we work side by side until exceptional results are realized.

Undisputed Expertise

Led by David Solomon, Paul Holland, and Shelley Rosetta, our staff is composed of some of the best and brightest in the business. Coming from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives, our experts help manufacturers and dealers deliver products and services that delight their clients and make their CFO smile. Beyond being knowledgeable, we’re also solely focused on contract dealers—a rare and unbeatable combination.

Capabilities To Wrap Around Your Business Model

We’ve structured our service offering to meet the comprehensive needs of contract furniture dealers in numerous ways. Whether it’s managing dealer peer groups, providing accurate and relevant dealer metrics, conducting large group training, or delivering personal 1:1 manufacturer and dealer consulting, no one can equal Solomon Coyle’s focused range of services—in breadth, depth, or quality.

Top Lines And Bottom Lines

In the face of evolving client demands and competitive threats, we’re built to maximize our clients’ top and bottom lines. Our experience and capabilities enable us to help clients analyze, modify and understand their business now and well into the future. We can’t design products, but when it comes to designing business models that maximize profitability, we’re the people you want at your table.