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Leverage Data to Make Better Business Decisions 

Solomon Coyle’s business analytics tools empower leadership teams to know where their business stands with accuracy and at a level of detail not possible before.

Business Analytics
With our business analytics tools, distributors can now access hundreds of metrics, leveraging our annual financial benchmarking data in a way that allows them to see expenses and productivity as a percentage of installed margin or sales revenue. This approach makes benchmark comparisons – both to other dealers and your prior years’ results – highly meaningful and actionable.

Budget & Scenario Planning
Our Budget Tool provides a fast and easy way to shape and scale your organization – based on projected revenue, installed margin, and profit goals – towards best practice. It also allows you to create as many budgets as you’d like, so you can plan for multiple scenarios.

Custom Research & Analytics
Additionally, with our custom research and analytics capabilities, distributors and manufacturers alike can collaborate with us in creating tools that answer questions unique to their business. Whether you’re a distributor or a manufacturer, with the right data and Solomon Coyle’s best-in-class tools, you now can identify where your true profit opportunity lies – no more speculation.