Operational Performance and Financial Benchmark Report

Financial Benchmark Survey Disclaimer

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Legal Disclaimer

Data Variance

Office furniture dealers that have participated in benchmarking surveys are aware of the variance that may exist in survey data. Data may fluctuate slightly from year to year due to changes in the participant base, industry-related factors, and economic conditions. It is also important to note that, within a data aggregation, a single participating company may be the source of a significant amount of that data.

Data Validation

Survey results contained in the Solomon Coyle Operational Performance and Financial Benchmark Report (“the Report”) are based solely on survey responses as provided by each participant to Solomon Coyle. Solomon Coyle does not subject the data contained in the Report to audit or review procedures or any other testing to validate the accuracy or reasonableness of the data provided by the participating dealers. While we do not manipulate the survey responses, we do make an effort to identify outlier data that could lead to misinterpretations and exclude it from the result calculations.

Intended Use of the Benchmark Report

Solomon Coyle provides the Report to help the participants make independent decisions regarding financial and operational performance matters. The information and data contained in the Report are for information purposes only and are neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional advice. In no event will Solomon Coyle be liable to the participating dealer or any third party for any decision made or any action taken in reliance of the results obtained through the use of the information and/or data contained or provided in the Report.

Data Confidentiality Measures

Because the exchange of certain financial information among competitors may be construed in certain circumstances as a means to facilitate an antitrust violation, Solomon Coyle has taken appropriate steps in preparing this report to avoid such perceptions.