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Infographic promoting David Solomon's NeoCon 2017 business planning seminar

How would a recession impact your business? Could you effectively counter it? After eight straight years of industry growth, it’s time for furniture dealers—and others in the industry as well—to start anticipating the next downturn through proactive business planning.
Actions taken now can mitigate risk and uncover growth opportunities.
In this seminar led by Solomon Coyle Managing Principal David Solomon, participants will learn to:
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  • Implement early warning systems to trigger action
  • Use scenario planning and risk analysis to formulate contingency plans
  • Develop strategies to actively manage both profitability and liquidity

Equally important, the session will address how to identify and maintain your strengths as well as balance cost-conscious frugality with bold innovation to ensure that your business can survive and even thrive during the next downturn.
This seminar is an Intermediate-level offering in the NeoCon 2017 Dealer Strategies (DS) educational track. Visit the NeoCon website for complete seminar information. A reduced fee is available when you register online by June 9.
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Business Planning Solutions

Solomon Coyle practices a business planning discipline that leads to clearer focus, smarter strategy, greater accountability, sharper execution and better overall business performance. Using the results of our ongoing research, we provide a unique strategic perspective on the office furniture industry and facilitate discussions and principal-level decision-making.
If you would like to discuss your dealership’s business planning needs, please leave word through our website or contact David Solomon directly.