Dealer Diagnostic Program

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A deep dive into data with a heavy emphasis on financial performance.

Our Dealer Diagnostic consulting package is a proven basis for understanding your operational strengths and weaknesses and charting a rational course toward higher efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

We recommend the Dealer Diagnostic Program if the extent of your company’s need for developmental effort is unclear. In many cases, it proves to be the right combination of analysis and consultation to give the dealer clear direction and confidence to proceed without our further involvement.

In the event the Dealer Diagnostic experience reveals corrective needs that are deeper than expected, you will have completed the first phase of our core consulting service, the Dealer Development Program.

There are three key deliverables in Dealer Diagnostic:

Dealer Self-Assessment Worksheet and Gap Analysis Report
Through the Dealer Self-Assessment Worksheet and Gap Analysis Report, we help you assess operational strengths and weaknesses and zero in on specific opportunities for improvement. The worksheet, an online tool, is a good way to get focused feedback from across the organization, at every level. You can also choose to restrict it to your management team.

Financial Review
In the Financial Review, our team looks at three years of financial and operational data to analyze your dealership’s performance, conducts a review of your organization and staffing, and benchmarks the company against comparable performers in the Solomon Coyle Index of aligned dealers in terms of operating profit, installed margin, sales volume, service sales and market size.

Average Hourly Cost Analysis
The Average Hourly Cost Analysis helps you understand your true cost of doing business in terms of wages, benefits, and operations overhead. We look at dealer financials, payroll, benefits, and subcontractor labor information. The findings are valuable input for correctly pricing services, controlling costs, and making accurate comparisons to market rates. Solomon Coyle’s Average Hourly Cost Worksheet becomes yours to keep so that you can easily update and monitor internal hourly rates.

We will meet online with your management team to review these deliverables and help you convert the knowledge they provide into effective forward action.