Dealer Self-Assessment & Gap Analysis

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You provide the input. We provide analysis. You carry the ball from there.

The Dealer Self-Assessment Worksheet is an online tool used by people within your company to evaluate the dealership’s performance relative to 130 industry best-practice statements and rate its effectiveness in 10 core business areas.

The Solomon Coyle team analyzes the worksheet findings to develop the companion Gap Analysis Report, which helps you assess operational strengths and weaknesses and focus on areas of opportunity for improvement.

The Dealer Self-Assessment and Gap Analysis are a cost-effective diagnostic combination for dealers who are highly motivated for self-improvement, need to be sure the right questions are being asked, and want the benefit of Solomon Coyle’s unbiased assessment. Use them for periodic organizational checkups, to support strategic planning, or to align the focus and priorities of the dealership.

All members of the management team and all key employees should participate in this process of organizational self-discovery. Some dealers choose to have all employees engage with the worksheet, thereby gaining feedback from across the organization, at all levels.

10 Core Business Areas

  1. Order Implementation and Quote-to-Invoice Process
  2. Sales and Marketing
  3. Design
  4. Project Management
  5. Customer Service
  6. Operations—Warehouse, Delivery, Service and Installation
  7. Automation Utilization
  8. Human Resources
  9. Finance and Administration
  10. General Management

Key Benefits of Our Gap Analysis

  • Confirm dealer strengths to solidify or improve the value proposition.
  • Identify learning opportunities to improve the organization’s skill set.
  • Uncover problem areas that otherwise may be overlooked.
  • Inform resource and planning decisions.
  • Provide a baseline for measuring progress.