Dealer of the Future

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High-potential directions toward sustainable profitability.

A Dealer of the Future consulting engagement is a one-day investment in targeting the direction of your business and determining the business model with the greatest potential to get you there.

Companies with an effective business planning discipline use the session to leverage their planning process for the long view. For others, it’s the critical front end to a Solomon Coyle business planning engagement.

In both applications, we use the results of our ongoing research to provide a unique strategic perspective on the office furniture industry and facilitate discussions and principal-level decision-making.

Engagement Process and Goals
During our one-day future strategy planning session, we’ll review Solomon Coyle’s research findings on the industry, dealer models, future trends, and more.

We will facilitate an engaging discussion that helps your team target one or a combination of potential future directions and business models, and develop a strategic vision that offers direction and context for future business planning.

The paramount goal is a vision that is realistic and credible. It should describe a future for the organization that will attract commitment and energize your staff.