Distributor Management Development

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Equip your key people to drive the business forward.

Distributor Management Development

Instructors: Paul Holland and David Solomon

Distributor Management Development training is an outgrowth of Solomon Coyle’s annual operational and financial benchmarking research and what it reveals about the inner workings of today’s top-performing distributors.

The participant is challenged to replace silo thinking with a deep, comprehensive, cross-functional understanding of the distributor business. Our mission is preparing leaders who can drive their company toward sustainable efficiency, profitability and market relevance.

The program is for principals and functional managers who are leading or preparing to lead critical aspects of the business. Through 25 interactive webinars and a wealth of tools and support materials, we target better processes, higher profitability, margin protection, and deeper commitment to high performance.

This program is geared to the real-world challenges of today’s aligned dealer. Starting with a hard look at the state of the industry, we consider examples of change and disruption that affect distributors and customers alike and examine the kinds of complexity they produce.

Participants discover valuable antidotes to this complexity through instructional content grounded in what our research shows to be key attributes of a high-performing dealership:

  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Well-defined business model
  • Strong financial position
  • Superb selling organization
  • Operational excellence

Real-time, instructor-led classes meet online every other week for a 13-month period. Three breaks built into the program calendar give participants some leeway for work-life balance. We also recognize that people with important responsibilities, at some point, will probably have to miss class. To accommodate them, we record every webinar for on-demand playback and our instructors are available by phone and email to help participants stay abreast of their fellow students.

Each session runs 90 minutes, with class size limited to allow a high degree of interaction. (Figure 60–90 minutes per session for preparation.) The participants have in common that they all work for companies aligned with the same primary manufacturer. The manufacturer supplies the content and presenter for several of the webinars.

These sessions, by design, deliver knowledge and insights you can apply right away. To further accelerate the program’s impact, we encourage participants to invite selected staff members and even entire departments to sit in with them on functionally relevant sessions and extend the learning through one-on-one or group discussion.

Student progress is measured through pre- and post-program evaluations conducted by Assessment Technologies Group, a Solomon Coyle partner for employee selection and development solutions. ATG’s evaluations are covered by an all-inclusive program fee. (The fee also includes monthly design training webinars for the dealer’s staff designers.)

For more detail on the program, view our Distributor Management Development brochure which lays out the curriculum structure, outlines session topics, and more.

Please contact us to schedule a time to talk about setting up Distributor Management Development training for your organization.