Sales Leadership & Sales Management

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Position Sales to consistently win.

Leading Sales in an Age of Complexity

Instructor: Paul Holland

Solomon Coyle is meeting contemporary dealer needs for sales leadership and sales management training through Leading Sales in an Age of Complexity. The goal of this program is to produce sales operations that will consistently win in today’s customer-driven, hyper-competitive landscape.

The course is designed for individuals who have either current responsibility or an aspiration for sales management or sales leadership. Principals and others on the dealer leadership team may be highly appropriate candidates, particularly where “Sales” is just one of many hats worn.

Drawing on what we’ve learned from more than 30 years of Solomon Coyle experience in research, consulting and education for high-performing dealerships, the course content is grounded in five key success factors for sales leadership: strategic alignment, planning acumen, talent management, performance management, and people development.

Solomon Coyle’s role is to spearhead the dealer’s development of sales leaders who can:

  • Align the dealer’s brand, strategic vision and business plan with people, process, methods and technology.
  • Energize and develop their sales teams.
  • Produce an attractive and sustainable return on investment in the sales operation.

It is a brief but intensive program. We typically structure it in three phases spanning two months. Phases 1 and 3 each consist of two one-hour webinars. Phase 2, the middle piece, is a two-day on-site workshop. About an hour of preparation is needed per webinar. Figure on roughly three hours of prep for the workshop phase.

View detailed program description and curriculum to learn how the major areas of study fit together.