BlogThe Future of the Dealer and Challenges for Sales Leaders

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Solomon Coyle’s principals will lead afternoon seminars in the Dealer Strategies track at NeoCon 2018 on Monday, June 11. The sessions will be held in rooms M117 and M124 at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.

Key Considerations in Future-Proofing the Dealership

At 1:00 pm in M117, look for Interior Integrators 2015: The Future of the Dealer.

Co-presenters David Solomon and Paul Holland will address a pressing issue for the future of the dealer as well as client expectations in the project delivery system. Innovative designers have the chance to position themselves as both trusted consultant and strategic partner for their clients. Seminar attendees will learn how new procurement models work, how the dealer fits into the project team, and finally, how dealers can transition from being viewed as a vendor to taking a more active role in solution development and execution.

Attendees will also hear crucial discussions of client expectations, project team roles and expectations, and how all team members can leverage dealer expertise.

A Crucial Link Between the Dealer Sales Team and Strong Financial Performance

Our second seminar on June 11, High Performance: Leading the Dealer Sales Organization, will start at 2:30 pm in M124.

Regardless of an improving economy, the environment for dealers has grown more competitive. Customers have shifted how and when they buy. Influencers are ever-present, dictating terms of engagement. Complexity is ramping up at a frenetic pace. Achieving incremental gains in revenue and profit means aggressively taking market share from the competition. The significant difference between average and high-performing sales teams derives from high-performing sales leadership and sales management.

Seminar leader Paul Holland will explore the critical aspects of leading sales teams and how to know when leadership is lacking in the dealer organization.

More NeoCon 2018 Seminar Information

The complete catalog of seminar topics is at the NeoCon 2018 website.