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When you consider that staff compensation, on average, is 70% of a contract office furniture dealer’s costs, there’s a pretty high premium on knowing what represents best return for the money.
Somewhere on the scale between too little and too much lies Just Right. Until it can be determined where on the scale that point actually is for a particular dealer, the dealer’s competitiveness and financial performance are at risk.
That’s the dealer’s dilemma. Now, multiply the risks by the number of dealerships in a particular distribution network and you understand why the manufacturers want to help.
Allsteel, Haworth, Herman Miller, Knoll and Steelcase are to be commended for addressing the situation at both the dealer level and the network level by sponsoring their dealers’ participation in the Solomon Coyle Compensation and Practices Survey.
The emails inviting dealers to participate in the survey will be going out the week of December 15. All dealers who complete the online survey will receive a complimentary copy of the comprehensive survey report.
We deeply appreciate our partnerships with these manufacturing organizations. Through the partnerships, we have the opportunity to develop the only available industry-specific comprehensive compensation information for key dealer staff and management positions.
The Solomon Coyle Compensation and Practices Survey, a biannual research project, covers 22 specific compensation topics including Sales Plans, Policies, Staff Compensation and Benefits categories. The survey includes industry breakouts for dealer positions in Design, Finance & Administration, and Warehouse, Delivery & Installation, as well as comprehensive Sales and Sales Management compensation data.
Dealers of all sizes, business models and locations stand to gain from survey participation. In addition to the position breakouts, there will be breakout groupings by company size, revenue, employee tenure/years of experience, region and where possible, market-specific data.
Nationwide research like this benefits the entire contract furniture industry. We hope every Allsteel, Haworth, Herman Miller, Knoll and Steelcase dealer that receives an invitation will click the link and complete the online survey by the January 23 deadline.
Participating dealers who have questions or need assistance should contact our research director, Mark Duros, at [eeb_content](703) 574-9104[/eeb_content] or via Email.