Project Management Training for Allsteel Dealers

Onboarding To-Dos

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Please complete the following items before the first class:

1: Complete the “Get to Know You” survey in Alchemer

We’re looking forward to meeting you in class, and to help us get familiar with everyone ahead of time we ask that you fill out this 2-minute survey.

2: Set up WebEx

All class meetings will be hosted using WebEx, so you will need to download the WebEx desktop app (and for the mobile version if you prefer to use your phone or tablet): https://help.webex.com/en-us/article/0tow9g/Download-the-Webex-Meetings-desktop-app

3: Accept the Microsoft Teams invitation in your email

Class materials will be accessible via Microsoft Teams. You will receive the following invitation to join the Solomon Coyle Teams site. (You may need to create a Microsoft account in order to do so.) Please accept this invitation as soon as possible.

Please Note: If your organization already uses Teams we highly recommend that you access the Solomon Coyle Teams site in a separate browser window so you can maintain access to your company site simultaneously. Go to: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/log-in

4: Download and print the workbook in Microsoft Teams

Make sure you print out the workbook prior to the first session and each week thereafter. This is a note-taking guide you will find to be very helpful.

5: Learn the basics of Microsoft Teams

If you are not already familiar with Teams, Microsoft provides several orientation videos to get you started.

6: Accept ALL WebEx calendar invites

7: Set your Teams notifications and follow the class channel

Contact support@solomoncoyle.com if you need assistance.