Compensation & Practices

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How do you pay for the performance you need?

Solomon Coyle’s Compensation and Practices Survey yields the office furniture industry’s most comprehensive dealer salary, benefits, and HR policy and practices information. To keep it actionable, we run the survey and produce a new report every 2 years.

Our analysis covers the typical dealer positions for the surveyed period plus a number of increasingly common specialty sales roles. For each position we enable comparison by region, company size, revenue, years of experience and, when possible, market-specific data.

The 218 valid responses to our YE2018 survey represent more than 60 Sales Management, Sales and Non-Sales positions in dealers operating in 46 states, 6 Canadian provinces and 29 Metropolitan Statistical Areas.

Whether it’s used to validate current plans, policies and practices or design better ones, our compensation research offers critical competitive advantage for staff recruitment, retention and performance.

This report is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of industry salary information available. It includes information on 37 typical dealer positions in Sales, Sales Management, Design, Office & Administration, Project Management, Customer Service, and Operations/Warehouse, Delivery and Installation. The report contains:

  • Industry breakouts for key dealer positions divided by region, company size, revenue and tenure / years of experience, and when possible, market-specific data
  • Salary reports showing base pay, variable pay, and total compensation
  • Compensation strategies
  • Commission and bonus plan summaries and expense practices
  • Demographic and compensation trending data
  • Sales plan types and policies
  • Selected sales plan detail