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Solomon Coyle Names Shelley Rosetta as Principal

Solomon Coyle, a leader in driving dealer improvement within the commercial interiors industry, is excited to announce that Shelley Rosetta has recently joined its leadership team as Principal.

With over 30 years of experience in commercial interiors — including design, sales leadership, manufacturing, distribution leadership, and business development — Shelley brings a fresh perspective on the potential for growth and improvement within the industry.

In 2023, Shelley joined Solomon Coyle for the opportunity to develop and deliver client-education programs, advise peer-group member companies, and accelerate the performance of both distributors and manufacturers. It was a chance to give back to the industry that had given her incredible opportunities to grow in her career. However, the overriding factor was the chance to work with David Solomon, Paul Holland, and the Solomon Coyle team.

She embraced the essence of what Solomon Coyle offers as the leading provider of research services, professional development, and management consulting for commercial interior distributors, manufacturers, and installation companies.

“What I see happening again and again,” says Shelley, “is clients achieving beyond their expectations—often far beyond—because Solomon Coyle inspires them to create a culture of learning across the organization and to fully commit to employing best practices.”

“We demonstrate the benefits,” Shelley continues, “of becoming a student of business and a student of the industry. We provide great tools and demonstrate how to use them for better planning, budgeting, and decision-making. We pull back the curtain on the important data for them to run their businesses.”

For David Solomon, the company’s founder, it’s been exciting to see Shelley wrap her arms around our business inside and out and get to know our clients and their teams.

“When you put it all together, I agree with her conclusion,” David said. “Solomon Coyle is fundamentally in the education business. As we continue finding new ways to deliver that expertise, Paul [Holland], the rest of the team, and I are pleased that Shelley has the lead in developing our next generation of products and programs.”

“It’s Shelley’s vision, as a principal, that will keep Solomon Coyle innovative, responsive, and continuing to supply the distribution channel and manufacturers with actionable data, unique perspectives, and a well-informed view of the future.”

As a welcome addition to the executive leadership team, Paul Holland and David Solomon are excited to see how her vision for the company’s next steps will further build our clients’ abilities to analyze, modify, and understand their businesses now and well into the future.