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Registration for the Fall 2022 Session is open.

Classes for the following aligned dealers are being offered:

(Click on the manufacturer you are aligned with.)

Haworth     |     MillerKnoll     |     Steelcase


Protect margin by managing the client, contract and project.

Through a series of 10 classes over the course of five weeks, dealer staff members are guided through information, tools and best practices that will help your dealership avoid costly mistakes, reduce margin erosion, and sustain and deepen customer relationships. Course instructors are experts in furniture project management and industry leaders in project management training.

The Solomon Coyle Project Management Training program is a highly cost-effective way to help your entire project management team hone their ability to deliver smart project management solutions with higher quality, better accountability and greater value.

This program is available to staff at Allsteel, Haworth, Kimball Int’l, Knoll, MillerKnoll, Teknion LLC, and Steelcase dealerships. We offer the course to non-aligned contract furniture dealers, as well.

This course includes synchronous and asynchronous learning delivered via Microsoft Teams for easy access. We supply session handouts and workbooks plus forms, checklists and other professional tools. Tests along the way plus a final exam provide feedback on the attendee’s understanding of the material. Solomon Coyle issues a certificate of completion to individuals who fulfill the program requirements.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand team roles and responsibilities
  • Create sound project plans and effectively manage the project, the client and the contract
  • Perform accurate installation estimating using the Solomon Coyle methodology
  • Reduce margin erosion throughout the project
  • Incorporate best practices for managing each aspect of the project effectively, from quote to invoice
  • Minimize cost overruns and improve on-time delivery through better project tracking
  • Maximize efficiency through better processes and technology usage
  • Communicate effectively with team members, subcontractors and clients
  • Increase client satisfaction and retention
  • Manage jobs to safeguard and even improve profitability

Here’s a session-by-session look at the curriculum. Click topic to see session outlines.

Session 1 - Dealer Economics and Principles of Project Management

  • Dealer economics and margin erosion
  • 4 key causes of margin erosion
  • Project manager (PM) roles and responsibilities
  • 7 key concepts
  • Best practices

Session 2 - Quote-to-Invoice Process

  • Sales order process and the PM’s role
  • Best practices to prevent margin erosion
  • Work order process overview
  • Best practices for efficiency

Session 3 - Installation Estimating

  • Installation importance and key issues
  • Efficiency and effectiveness factors
  • Solomon Coyle estimating process
  • Estimating rules of thumb
  • Estimating prototypes

Session 4 - Planning the Project

  • Key elements of the project plan
  • End-to-end view of the project plan

Session 5 - Project Communications and Managing the Client

  • Communications and documentation
  • Client expectations and decision making

Session 6 - Managing the Contract

  • Documenting key decisions
  • Managing the scope of work
  • Terms and conditions
  • Documenting change orders

Session 7 - Managing the Project

  • 5 key project aspects
  • Leveraging the manufacturer’s capabilities
  • Managing job close-out
  • Working effectively with subcontractors
  • Managing corrective actions efficiently
  • Punch list process

Session 8 - Project Management as a Profit Center: Selling Services

  • Project management value proposition
  • Determining project management services cost
  • Marketing project management services

Session 9 - Review and Reinforcement

  • Review of key concepts

Session 10 - Using what You Learned

  • Challenges and opportunities in the day-to-day application of project management concepts and best practices