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The Solomon Coyle YE2023 Operational and Financial Benchmarking Survey period is now open through Monday, April 22, 2024. The survey includes the participation of Allsteel, Haworth, MillerKnoll, Kimball International, Steelcase and Teknion, LLC aligned dealers. This year non-aligned dealers are also invited to participate.

Shelley Rosetta, consultant, states, “Solomon Coyle Financial Benchmarking data provide a foundation for agility and adaptability which enables distribution to make informed decisions as they respond to changing conditions in the market.  It allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve and mitigate risks, therefore giving them a competitive edge in their respective markets.”

John Joseph, head of business analytics adds, “Last year’s high level of participation in benchmarking tells us that more and more dealers are taking a data-driven approach to identifying the changes they need to make to perform optimally. That ongoing trend should continue into 2024, especially given the growing suite of analysis tools available to benchmark participants.”

Participating dealers who complete the survey will have access to the benchmark results, to be published in May 2024 and will receive an email once the results are available.

A video tutorial is available for those new to benchmarking, as well as a tool for mapping your chart of accounts. To access the tutorial and tool and to learn more about Solomon Coyle’s research or discuss financial benchmarking for your company, visit https://solomoncoyle.com/benchmark/completing-benchmark-survey/ or email support@solomoncoyle.com.