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A Special Edition of Dealer Management Development Exclusively for Steelcase Dealers

Thank you for your interest in Solomon Coyle’s Steelcase Dealer Management Development Program. If you’re ready to register now, feel free to skip to the registration section.

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The Program in Brief

Here’s a quick introduction to this Solomon Coyle education program endorsed by Steelcase Channel Development:

What is the program about?

Solomon Coyle’s Dealer Management Development Program (DMD) program explores the evolving complexity of the dealer business amid today’s environment of change and disruption. The course offers an antidote to this complexity through content grounded in 5 key factors for dealer success: Strategic Planning and Execution, Well-Defined Business Model, Strong Financial Position, Superb Selling Organization, and Operational Excellence.

Infographic showing that DMD content is grounded in 5 key success factors.


Why should you be interested?

DMD is a deep, cross-functional look at how the dealer business functions and makes money. By stimulating end-to-end awareness of the quote-to-invoice process, DMD better equips participants to control costs, protect margins, and promote commitment throughout the dealership to high performance and market relevance.

Who is the target audience?

DMD is for management-level individuals who are leading — or preparing to lead — critical
aspects of the dealer business. Principals and functional managers alike will find it appropriate to their level of responsibility and professional experience as well as beneficial to their business role.

When is it being offered?

Online classes lasting 60–90 minutes each will run every other week from September 11, 2019, to September 23, 2020. The classes will be recorded for later reference on demand. There are three breaks in the program schedule for ease of planning.

How much time and money will you invest?

Student preparation for each biweekly class is estimated at 60–90 minutes.
The all-inclusive fee of $7,500 covers instruction (25 online sessions), course materials (learning guides, tools, templates), and two personal assessments done through Assessments Technology Group, a leader in science-based ability assessments and development tools.
The first assessment establishes a baseline at the outset of the program. The second, at the end of the program, evaluates key indicators of future success in applying important lessons and best practices covered in the DMD curriculum.

Learn More About Steelcase Dealer Management Development

Attend a Free Informational Webinar

Join us Tuesday, July 30, or Wednesday, August 14, at 11:30 EDT for a free 1-hour webinar explaining the focus, content and objectives of Dealer Management Development for Steelcase Dealers. We’ll leave enough time for Q&A.

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Consider the Goal: Remaining Relevant As Customers Change

In the best economy we’ve seen in a decade, why are rising core expense and lower profit becoming the new normal for so many contract furniture dealers? And how would an economic downturn impact the dealer who’s already experiencing these conditions?

More and more of the hundreds of dealerships we touch every year in the course of Solomon Coyle’s research and consulting work are trying to cope with this new normal. Some are digging their way out. Others are working smarter and harder to avoid it. It commands dealer principals’ attention and takes more and more of their time and energy.

Complexity is the term we have come to associate with this situation. It’s verbal shorthand for economic, technological, geopolitical and demographic shifts that produce change at a blinding rate. For the disruption occurring virtually everywhere we look. For the dealer’s constant struggle to stay relevant to customers — organizations which themselves may be struggling to adapt to rapid-fire change on multiple fronts.

To survive and thrive, dealers must stay relevant as customers change. We believe a highly effective way to do this is to equip current and rising leaders with deep, cross-functional knowledge they can apply every day to promote high efficiency and help the dealership remain profitable and relevant. They need to see how the dealer business functions and makes money. They must understand the process, end to end, inside and out.

Instilling that end-to-end understanding of the dealer business process is the focus of Solomon Coyle’s Steelcase Dealer Management Development Program.

Get the Introductory Briefing

Our free, no-obligation Introductory Briefing for Steelcase DMD is available to dealer principals and staff upon request. A request form is provided below.

The briefing package contains a program overview, the class schedule, the curriculum outline, and a matrix showing how the course content impacts the 5 key factors for dealer success. This is the same package we’ve made available through Steelcase Village and other internal communications.

Cover of Steelcase Dealer Management Development Introductory Brief

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Course Registration

Please use the form below to register your participant(s). We will invoice your company the total cost for the number of participants registered. There’s a place in the form to enter a purchase order number if you like.

The all-inclusive fee of $7,500 per participant covers the webinar-based instruction (25 webinars in all), coaching, learning guides, class materials, tools and templates, and the ATG pre- and post-assessments.

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