Project Management Training for MillerKnoll Dealers

Class Schedule

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Fall 2022 Class Schedule

Instructors David Solomon, Paul Holland and Shelley Rosetta share methods, tips and techniques to help your dealership avoid costly mistakes, reduce and eliminate margin erosion, enhance profitability, and increase customer satisfaction. Each session is designed to provide you with an unbeatable interactive learning experience with the convenience of connecting from your workplace, job site or home office.

If you have questions regarding the class schedule, Microsoft Teams, or other administrative matters, please email support@solomoncoyle.com.

Classes are held at 11:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

 Session  Date  Topic
 00  Sep 8  Intro & Overview
 1  Sep 13  Dealer Economics and Principles of Project Management
 2  Sep 15  Quote-to-Invoice Process
 3  Sep 20  Installation Estimating
 4  Sep 22  Planning the Project
 5  Sep 27  Project Communications and Managing the Client
 6  Sep 29  Managing the Contract
 7  Oct 4  Managing the Project
 8  Oct 11  Project Management as a Profit Center: Selling Services
 9  Oct 13  Review and Reinforcement
 10  Oct 18  Using What You Learned