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Drive Profitability in Powerful New Ways.

SCi3 is a set of dynamic, interactive tools which empowers leadership teams to strategize more effectively, make decisions more confidently and drive profitability.

This subscription-based toolkit includes an interactive business analytics tool and interactive budget and scenario planning tool which provide deep insights allowing businesses to identify where their true profit opportunity lies.

Business Analytics

The new Analytic Tool is cleaner looking, faster, easier to access and more responsive. More importantly, we’ve added new metrics which allow you to see all expenses and productivity as a percent of installed margin, in addition to a percent of sales revenue.


Visual Indicators. Before, the Executive Summary would only list data. Now there is a visual dashboard with meters for every metric to help you:

     Access data more quickly – identify how your business is performing compared to best practices or your peers.

     Gain insight immediately – you don’t have to rely on a consultation to understand what you are looking at.

Change Metrics on the Fly. Save time and steps, see gaps immediately.

Tips! See notes on how to improve specific areas, such as Operating Profit, all from within the tool. No guessing about what the next steps are; your team can quickly take action to improve processes or reallocate resources.

Focus Areas. Each focus area has its own dashboard, and we’ve added new Focuses for Sales and Design (with more to come) so management teams can analyze just that section of the business.

New Installed Margin Analysis. In addition to analyzing Expenses, Productivity, and Efficiency measures as a Percent of Sales, now you can do it as a Percent of Installed Margin.

New Summaries. Now there are summaries for Design, Project Management, and Sales.

Submit Data for Multiple Branches. And for individual business units, too.

Submit Mid-Year Data. Analyze YTD against last year’s best practices to assess current performance and get a jump on developing your budget for the coming year.

Metric Explorer. Get specific with each and every account. Conduct trend analyses comparing to SCI, Aligned Manufacturer, Manufacturer Group, or Peer Group.

Scatter Diagram. This responsive and flexible view allows you to see where you are compared to best practice for any metric.

Trending. Analyze the historical trend of any metric with visual graphs, instantly.


Budget & Scenario Planning

The Budget Tool provides a fast and easy way to see the size of your organization based on projected revenue, installed margin and profit goals. It also allows you to create as many budget scenarios as you’d like, so you can plan better.

Customize. Set your target revenue, installed margin and operating profit. The tool informs you what your revenue, COGS and WD&I costs will be, and shows you where you need to reduce expenses to meet your targets.

Evaluate. View the averages of best-practice dealers and quickly see how your business compares; better understand how you’re different from top in the industry and start gaining insight as to the reasons why.


Adjust and Plan. Easily set goals and adjust metrics according to different scenarios, in as many ways as you’d like. Build a budget, save it, and do another until you hit your target.


Ready to Get Started?

With the Solomon Coyle i3 toolkit, leadership across all business units are now empowered to access information within their own dashboards, allowing them to work in ways they couldn’t before to plan better and drive profit improvement.

Additionally, this subscription-based tool comes with an annual review with a Solomon Coyle consultant. Pricing is tiered, based on total revenue.

Manufacturers may reach out to support@solomoncoyle.com for pricing.

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By the end you will have learned how Solomon Coyle’s SCi3 (interactive intelligence and insights) analysis and planning tools make it easier to develop effective business strategies and make more effective business decisions and: