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All Solomon Coyle consulting solutions aim at better profitability, efficiency, productivity and customer relationships. Working with clients across North America, we focus on real-world recommendations with achievable work plans and measurable results.

Defining and fine-tuning a direction that sustains you

Solomon Coyle’s unique planning approach leads to clearer focus, smarter strategy, greater accountability, sharper execution and better overall business performance. Our Dealer of the Future solution aids in planning for long-term returns and viability. Business Planning puts the focus on the next 12 months, producing a one-page business plan with achievable objectives and measurable progress. Dealer principals who want to amp up performance through refreshed perspectives should consider our Executive Coaching.

Fixing the things that stand in the way of achieving your potential

Financial performance is paramount when we consult on operational concerns. As a result, client dealerships typically experience significant increases in installed margin and operating profit within just a few months. Our Dealer Self-Assessment, Dealer Diagnostic and Dealer Development solutions represent a crawl/walk/run approach to performance improvement. Compensation Planning and Lean Installation aim at optimizing the contribution of key business assets and processes.

Best-practice management of your most important business assets

What talent…what structure…what culture…would make your organization more successful? What do you need to know about employment regulation in order to protect and grow your business? To help dealers answer these and far more specific questions, Solomon Coyle has partnered with Assessment Technologies Group and HRAnswerLink, each a national leader in human resource management services.