Executive Coaching

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Keeping business, life and yourself in perspective.

Dealer principals are people with a lot on their plate and even more on their mind. What many principals don’t have is someone outside the company who understands the demands of the corner office, can help explore ideas and potential strategies, provides objective feedback, and help them stay true to their course.

As a participant in our Executive Coaching program, you’ll be partnered with an experienced high-level resource who serves as your trusted advisor and leadership coach. Acting from an impartial position outside the hierarchy and internal politics of your company, your coach will keep you focused on high-value activities, challenge typical approaches, offer strategy suggestions, and most important, hold you accountable to meeting your goals.

There’s no agenda other than improved personal performance for you and improved bottom-line performance for your company.

What You Can Expect
Your coach is a committed partner for a minimum of two years, so you have time together to accomplish short-term goals and plan for long-term growth.

While our Executive Coaching services are tailored to meet your unique needs, you can count on your coach to:

  • Help identify the strategic requirements of your role and priorities with the company.
  • Assist in developing a detailed personal action plan with deadlines.
  • Evaluate your leadership skills and coach you on skill improvement and how to deepen key relationships.
  • Share specialized industry expertise and best practices by drawing on the Solomon Coyle team resources.
  • Make practical recommendations to help you reach your personal and business goals.
  • Review your ideas and give you fearless critical feedback.
  • Dedicate one-on-one time with you during regularly scheduled, agenda-driven meetings and/or phone conferences to review progress and deadlines, and provide written progress reviews.
  • Follow up diligently to ensure your progress and redefine initiatives as needed.
  • Be there for you with 24/7 access for emergency consultation.
  • Provide perspective grounded in our work with hundreds of companies and CEOs.
  • Keep you focused on business development and the initiatives that are most important to you and your company’s future success.