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Best-practice management of your vital business assets.

What talent…what structure…what culture…would make your organization more successful? What do you need to know about employment regulation in order to protect and grow your business? To help dealers answer these and far more specific questions, Solomon Coyle has partnered with Assessment Technologies Group and HRAnswerLink, each a national leader in human resource management services.

Solomon Coyle Consulting Solutions:

Right attributes, right mix, right team for the path you’re pursuing

Solutions for Employee Selection and Development

Using sophisticated, proven scientific methods, Assessment Technologies Group (ATG) builds productive individuals and organizations by helping clients to:

  • Select precisely the right person for every job
  • Build more effective teams
  • Strengthen leadership
  • Facilitate organizational change
  • Improve employee productivity and commitment
  • Operate at peak performance with lower costs

ATG’s hiring management and selection systems bring science and efficiency to the process of finding, screening and selecting the talent most likely to drive organizational success. Their integrated suite of sourcing and selection resources is customizable and scalable for organizations of virtually any size.

ATG tools for work styles assessment and team building are among the resources we use in Solomon Coyle consulting engagements. We endorse ATG’s science-based approach and are pleased to help Solomon Coyle clients establish their own self-service and/or consulting relationship with the ATG team.

24/7 access to human resource management tools and information

Solutions for HR Regulatory Compliance

The Solomon Coyle HR Support Center is made possible through our partnership with HRAnswerLink, the premier provider of on-demand HR products and services for small and medium-size enterprises. Direct support by HRAnswerLink focuses on best-practice management of your company’s employee-related legal, regulatory and compliance issues. Additionally, HRAnswerLink has an affiliate base that includes 250+ payroll service bureaus, 150+ insurance brokers and agents and various other organizations that are potential resources for your business.

Start by signing up for HR Advisor, our monthly newsletter providing legislative and regulatory updates, tips, alerts and reminders, and feature articles on common workplace issues. Subscriptions are free for Solomon Coyle clients.

Enjoy self-service online access to our HR Support Center’s enormous information resources, including state and federal employment laws, HR Policy Library, Quick Guides, HR Forms, Job Descriptions, eAlerts, Checklists, Definitions and more.

Or take the On-Demand Upgrade option and get unlimited real-time phone and/or email consultations with HRAnswerLink’s team of HR professionals, specialists who will customize their assistance to your location(s), size and culture.