Business Planning

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Clear direction, achievable objectives, shared commitment.

Even the most compelling strategic vision isn’t enough to move your company from the present to the future. Getting from Here to There requires a solid implementation methodology with well-defined objectives and an effective way to keep the team moving forward and accountable for individual progress.

That’s the essence of what we help our client achieve in a Solomon Coyle Business Planning engagement. It’s typically a three-day on-site event followed by a period of monitoring, facilitating and coaching via email, phone and video conferencing.

Engagement Process and Goals
Day 1 is our Dealer of the Future session. Dealer of the Future is an effective front end to business planning because it gets everyone on the same page regarding the state of the industry, puts new ideas on the table regarding dealer business models, and fuels discussion leading to a strategic vision for the company.

In Days 2 and 3—usually two to three weeks later—we facilitate a two-day planning workshop aimed at producing a one-page operating business plan. The workshop includes a review of your current operations, financial analysis, and team exercises. We also identify and facilitate discussion of critical topics that impact your company and challenge your leadership team to suggest solutions.

Along the way, we help target key initiatives with an eye to potential ROI and achieve consensus and agreement within the executive team on the assumptions and key decisions made.

By the end of the workshop, your team has identified their key strategic initiatives and a number of specific objectives for accomplishing each initiative. They’ve also been introduced to Solomon Coyle’s implementation and accountability toolset designed to help them successfully execute. (We provide a brief period of monitoring to help ensure that the tracking and accountability tools are being used effectively.)

To help you avoid a gap between what you plan to do and what your team actually achieves, we can conduct regular phone calls and check-ups to help assign actions, monitor progress, and accomplish tactical steps that support your strategic initiatives. We can also provide guidance in creating a strong culture of accountability throughout your organization.